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A website is the initial link of communication between a business and its possible customers. It is essential to guarantee that the website is built and designed user-friendly and possess all the valuable information about the company most especially its products and services offered. A website is an effective tool to attract people to provide you business. Thus, it's essential to invest in their design and development.

Today, your website can do wonderful things in improving your business. The testimonials written and feedback's provided by your customers can help you to convert your visitor into your customers. Branding Partner is a reliable web solutions provider and provides personalized website design & website development service which can assist you in creating an excellent business website with internal & external SEO. We follow the following website design & development phases and update you with the process.


Requirements and analysis

This is usually the first step in website design. It is all about understanding the requirement for designing the website. Understanding what, is vital in the process. This lays down the objectives of the site and a clear understanding of what you need in your website is being solved. Once that is established and understood, then we move to the next step.

Information Gathering

Once the requirement has been understood. All the necessary information is gathered in preparation for the website design & development.

Design Phase

In this phase, a mock-up of the website is drawn. We decide on where the content should be placed in the website. We make multiple mock-ups for you which makes easy for you to decide. This gives an overview of what the website will look like and the layout can be easily changed in case of any changes.

Development phase

Once we have agreed on the website layout, the website development phase can start. This is where the elements are organized in the web page as per the design drawn in the design phase. The design also speeds up the development phase as the developers need not think as they develop, but rather concentrate on bringing the website design to life.

Testing Phase

Once the website has been developed, we test all the site’s functionalities such as search, navigation, links etc to ensure that they work as intended.

Implementation and Maintenance

With the website developed and tested to satisfaction, the website is ready to be hosted. We provide hosting at your local sever for free or a hosting space can be bought and we can make the site go live.

While your website is new, we provide after sale support as well. If you need regular maintenance of your website then we got monthly packages as well. We create responsive, user friendly & seo optimized website which can also help you to increase your sales graph easily.

Please send your details at to get a comprehensive website & SEO package.

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